Isle of Wight
Armed Forces Day
Sunday 30th of June 2024

Isle of Wight Armed Forces Day is bigger and has more interactive stands this year. Due to the incredible air assets and the associated intricacies, we have created an in-depth FAQ for you. If you question isn’t answered, please fill in the contact form and we’ll try and help.

From Parking recommendations, running order, timings and FAQs, they will all be here. For Pictures we have the gallery page  and of course for the very latest, you can follow us on our Facebook page.

Frequently Asked Questions

General event questions

Isle of Wight Armed Forces Day is FREE to attend

The target time for the Red Arrows overhead, is 1130hrs

The display area for The Red Arrows spans right along Ryde beach. From Ryde Marina down to Appley Castle.

Following the tragic accident on the 25th of May, the BBMF fleet are currently grounded. We are waiting on an update from the BBMF and for your information, their target time for the display with us, is 1240hrs.

All Air Displays have to operate at a minimum distance of 230mtrs from crowd front. It is low tide on the day of the event and to legally observe the requirements, we have to temporarily cordon off the beach. This will be at the high tide marks, until the air displays have finished. Please DO NOT cross the cordon and go out onto the low tide beach. You will ruin the air displays for everyone.

A full set of timings along with what is on, will be published soon

A full list of attractions, will be published soon

Yes there is and it currently being re-positioned in the event, timewise. If you are wishing to take part and haven’t made contact with the Parade Marshall, please drop us a line here.

Yes there are. They are available on a first come first served basis and if you are Marching in the parade, it would be our privilege to provide you with Tea and Cake before hand. The Parade Marshall will be issuing these vouchers to those that are Marching on the day.

Parking and Travel

Ryde has several car parks with over 800 spaces. These are detailed on our comprehensive Travel and Parking page.

Ryde Esplanade has dedicated disabled parking spaces and these are detailed on this page. We will also be providing a number of spaces, specifically for Disabled Veterans, allocated on a first come first served basis. This will be available via the website from the 19th of June.

Ryde Esplanade is well served by the Ryde Interchange Hub. Here buses, trains and hovercrafts all come together. For specific services coming to Ryde, please check the appropriate operators websites. More details can be found on the Traffic and Travel page.

That is the best idea!

Yes, but at different times of the day and there will be confirmation of those, closer to the event.

Food and Drink

On Ryde Esplanade you have the The Castle Hotel, LA Bowl, Harbour House, The Big Kahuna, The Captains Table, The Duck, Appley Beach Cafe, The Dell and The Old Barracks.

Of course you can! There is a huge beach so bring a towel and scoff away.

Not this year as the focus is on providing the best event we can, within the budget and resources available.

Health and Safety

All licensed premises have them and there are public toilets on Eastern Gardens, Appley Park and Puckpool Park. We also provided Portaloos.

First Aid is located next to Ryde Marina Slipway, opposite the Skatepark.

Yes and its at Ryde Marina Office, directly opposite Eastern Gardens.

Yes you can but NOT past the Air Safety Cordon. The Red Arrows and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight have to observe certain safety rules and we have to have a cordon in place on the beach. Please DO NOT cross it.

This is the Drop Zone ( DZ ) for the Royal Navy Parachute display team. Please keep out of it as it serves as emergency landing site. As well as the location for the Fort Cumberland Guard and Vectis Rifle display. DO NOT ENTER.

If last year is anything to go by, yes it is. Bring plenty of suncream and extra water. We do have water taps on Eastern Gardens so you can refill your bottles. We have a full Weather / Heat advice page here.

The Health and Welfare office is open on Ryde Marina. Please visit there and report the problem. If its immediate and requires the emergency services, dial 999 and ask for the appropriate service.


Ryde Esplanade from the LA Bowl and into Eastern gardens. It will also be utilising the Beach to the front of the gardens and the road to the rear.


This years event runs one day after the official Armed Forces Day. Isle of Wight Armed Forces Day is on Sunday the 30th of June 2024.

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