Isle of Wight
Armed Forces Day
Sunday 30th of June 2024

Staying safe with the Weather and Heat

Safety is paramount at Isle of Wight Armed Forces Day so on this page, we have some top tips and advice for keeping safe in the sun. Plus some other Weather related advice. Please follow our Facebook page for specifics on the day. It is essential that you consider your health and safety in what could be a very warm day. Below we offer official Government Advice and have provided some helpful links for you. Follow this one to ‘Beat the Heat’.

Read more about beating the heat


Directly opposite Eastern Gardens, by the Marina there are a number of FREE water taps to refill your water bottles from. Please use these as you wish. Also be assured our First Aid post carries water too. All the food and drink premises sell water too.


Ahead of the event, we will be updating the Weather for the day on our Facebook page. However, to keep abreast of things on the day, please use the following resources. The Met Office for upto date info, plus Listen to Vectis Radio on the day for Event coverage including the weather.

Online: Met Office

On Air: Vectis Radio on FM 104.6

Anymore questions or queries?

Then please visit our details and friendly FAQ ( frequently asked questions ) page where we hope all questions are answered. If its not then by all mean drop up as a line via our contact page. The FAQ is updated on a regular basis so please do check that first before getting in contact. We will reply but this event is run totally by volunteers, and it may take a while to get back to you.

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